MFSI Project II

On October 1, 2011 IBSER implements new "Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI-II) Roll-out" project supported by the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

The project focuses on the following areas:

  • providing legal, methodological and organizational support to central and local authorities in the dissemination of program-target method on all local budgets Ukraine;
  • development and implementation of financial practices that promote energy efficiency in selected cities;
  • improving public awareness of process of budgeting, revenue and expenditure.
  • Work on the project is carried out both at central and local levels to ensure the highest efficiency and support the objectives of the project, in particular by creating partnerships between different branches of government, NGOs, private companies and other stakeholders.

 At the national level is giving assistance to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, other ministries, the relevant committee of parliament on improving the current legislation, methodology development and implementation of regulations aimed at enhancing local economic and social development and implementation of effective and transparent system of budgeting.
Locally MFSI-II are helping maintain and expand the existing network of highly skilled consultants, organization of trainings for local governments and local offices of the State Treasury, advising on the development and implementation of budget programs based on PPB, the introduction of monitoring energy expenditure.
In addition, the project will provide for cooperation with partner cities to improve the ability of utility companies on the current financial analysis and planning. In particular, will be developed corresponding methodology under which employees of utility companies are trained and consulted in the course of implementing projects developed in the settlements.
In order to discuss and disseminate project developments will continue the practice of financial and economic forums and supported the activities of the National Advisory Council on the effective management of public finances.
To improve public awareness of the processes occurring in the budgetary system of Ukraine, MFSI-II will be prepared and published journals on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.