Experts of NOVA Energiya NGO Deliver Training on Environmental Monitoring in Kharkiv
26 September 2017

On 22 September, training was conducted in Kharkiv on the Specifics of Gathering and Disseminating Information on the Results of Environmental and Financial Monitoring. The event was attended by the representative of the public, regional nongovernmental organizations, advocacy groups and mass media outlets from the city of Kharkiv and the region.

The training is intended to engage the general public and mass media in highlighting the environmental problems of extractive regions, teach the journalists and activists to intelligently use the data on the status of the natural environment, carry out performance monitoring of environmental programs, and analyze the intake of financial resources into environmental protection funds.

Olena Agapova, the manager of the NOVA Energiya NGO’s subgrant, opened the event. She told the training participants about the EITI (Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative) standards and the system of control over the use of the funds paid by extractive companies into local budgets, as well as about the opportunities of their utilization to improve the condition of the environment and remedy any adverse effects from extractive operations.

An expert with the NOVA Energiya NGO, Yurii Buts made a presentation about the environmental problems related to the operations of extractive companies in the regions and the impact of environmental pollution on socioeconomic development of communities within extractive regions.

Lina Pliuschakova, an expert of the NOVA Energiya NGO, spoke about the problems of the state system of environmental monitoring in Ukraine, the mission and tasks of the state environmental monitoring.

Following an open discussion and summing up, the training participants received respective certificates.