Participatory Budgeting Implementation in Kremenchuk
15 September 2017

On 11 September, in the city of Kremenchuk, experts of the NOVA Energiya NGO delivered a training on the topic 2017 Citizens’ Budget of Kremenchuk attended by the representatives of local government, local council members, mass media, NGOs, and members of the Working Group for implementation of participatory budgeting.

The training was opened by the Kremenchuk Mayor Vitalii Maletskyi who has underlined that the Kremenchuk municipal government is prepared to support collaboration with the community and assist the community in the implementation of its initiatives. He has emphasized that the city government intends increasing municipal expenditures for participatory budgeting from year to year.  This year, the amount totals UAH 3 million to be allocated for implementation of the winning projects in 11 micro-raions of Kremenchuk.

Experts of the NOVA Energiya NGO have explained to the participants how to prepare and submit the Citizens’ Budget projects, draft a budget, how to vote for and monitor the implementation of projects. Chairman of the Board of the NOVA Energiya NGO, Vitalii Filenko has noted a high level of preparation of the Citizens’ Budget in Kremenchuk, and a weighty support is given to citizens’ initiatives by the Kremenchuk municipal government.

This year, as part of the collaboration between the Kremenchuk municipal government and IBSER, the Citizens’ Budget of Kremenchuk obtained the Citizens' Project platform for ensuring automation and transparency during all phases of its implementation. The city has also been given the methodological and technical support, in particular, assistance with drafting an alternative Regulation of Citizens’ Budget.

The Working Group Secretary and Member of the City Council Mykola Shevchenko and Working Group Member Roman Kats’ told the participants about the key phases in implementation of the Citizens’ Budget, requirements and limitations with regard to project proposals. A representative of the Cultural Dialog NGO, Iryna Kats’ spoke about the alternative tools of the Kremenchuk Citizens’ Budget Information Campaign.

Ivan Shkurat, a trainer with the NOVA Energiya NGO, conducted a master class on completing a project application for the attendees. One of the topics covered the Citizens’ Project e-platform, which allows each resident of the city to take part in the competition online. Serhiy Omelichkin, the manager of the NOVA Energiya NGO subgrant, familiarized the participants with the specifics of its operation.